2022 Rule 5 Draft Results

MLB Trade Rumors

Here’s the Minor League Phase (through round 3):

Minor League phase
Round 1
A’s — RHP Joelvis Del Rosario, from PIT
Pirates — RHP Wei-Chieh Huang, from SF
Reds — RHP Kyle Glogoski, from PHI
Royals — SS Shervyen Newton, from PHI
Tigers — RHP Layne Henderson, from HOU
Rockies — LHP Eli Lingos, from CLE
Marlins — 3B Dane Myers, from DET
Angels — C Ronaldo Flores, from SF
D-backs — RHP Taylor Rashi, from SF
Cubs — LHP Jose Aquino, from SEA
Twins — OF Armani Smith, from SF
Red Sox — LHP Joe Jacques, from PIT
White Sox — RHP Ernesto Jaquez, from HOU
Orioles — RHP Alfred Vega, from NYY
Brewers — 2B Isaac Collins, from COL
Rays — RHP Hector Perez, from BAL
Phillies — SS Pedro Martinez, from TB
Padres — 3B Evan Mendoza, from STL
Mariners — 1B Francisco Tostado, from SF
Guardians — RHP Bradley Hanner, from MIN
Blue Jays — C Kekai Rios, from LAD
Cardinals — C Jose Alvarez, from HOU
Yankees — LHP Pablo Mujica, from KC
Mets — RHP Wilkin Ramos, from PIT
Braves — RHP Domingo Gonzalez, from PIT
Astros — LHP Max Roberts, from SEA
Dodgers — RHP Yon Castro, from NYY

Round 2
Pirates — OF Joshua Palacios, from WSH
Reds — RHP Brooks Crawford, from SF
Rockies — RHP Nicholas Kuzia, from DET
Marlins — RHP Austin Roberts, from PIT
Angels — OF Jared Oliva, from PIT
D-backs — RHP Denny Larrondo, from NYY
Cubs — RHP Nick Burdi, from SD
Twins — SS Yohander Martinez, from HOU
Red Sox — RHP Ryan Miller, from NYY
Orioles — LHP Trey McGough, from PIT
Rays — RHP Enmanuel Mejia, from PIT
Phillies — RHP Yoniel Ramirez, from SF
Mariners — SS Logan Warmoth, from TOR
Guardians — C Michael Berglund, from TB
Cardinals — RHP Brandon Komar, from SD
Mets — OF Agustin Ruiz, from SD
Astros — LHP Bryan King, from CHC
Dodgers — RHP Carlo Reyes, from PHI

Round 3
Marlins — RHP Cristian Charle, from PIT
Angels — SS Riley Unroe, from SEA
D-backs — RHP Peter Solomon, from PIT
Cubs — OF Jefferson Encarnacion, from PHI
Twins — INF Yoyner Fajardo, from PIT
Orioles — C Randy Florentino, from TEX
Rays — RHP Nelson Alvarez, from NYY
Phillies — RHP Zach Linginfelter, from LAA
Guardians — RHP Justin Lewis, from ARI
Cardinals — RHP Jose Martinez, from LAD
Mets — 2B Jonathan Arauz, from BAL
Astros — RHP Manuel Urias, from PHI
Dodgers — OF Josh Stowers, from TEX

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