Spencer Turnbull threw a no-hitter but I slept through it and that’s the story of 2021.

Roar of the Tigers
Spencer Turnbull: 9 no-hit innings and many defeated bats.

I really think the title and image probably say it all.

Of course, I am thrilled that Spencer Turnbull threw a no-hitter. I am thrilled that anything positive has come out of a Tigers season that has the word REBUILDING scrawled all over it in neon orange letters (with the addition of Akil Baddoo, perhaps, but that’s a different cartoon). But did it have to be in Seattle?? I’m one of those people whose job has gotten busier and crazier since The Current Situation started happening, and I am but a poor exhausted person in the eastern time zone. A 10:00 pm EDT start is asking a lot of me these days. I tried, but I definitely fell asleep partway through the game.

Figured I’d at least get a cartoon online in celebration of the event, so the next day I drew the above, then scanned it to color it after work and dinner and cat dinner and cleaning up after dinner and cat dinner– and I fell asleep again. I think it was right in the middle of adding a layer of color to Turnbull’s beard.

This is life now, folks. Too tired to properly enjoy one of the true positives of a season that has been and promises to be less-than-spectacular. Anyway. Hooray and so on.

Oh, one other positive: since I am now 100% fully vaccinated, I was finally able to attend an in-person game of baseball earlier this month, when the Tigers were in Boston. When I went looking for my scorebook I realized that I had not been to a game since 2019. It was definitely strange see the park so empty (although I have to admit that I did love having nobody sitting directly next to us or in front of us). It was also close to freezing cold and raining on and off the entire time, which is perfectly normal for early May New England but is always a bit of a shock to the system when you’ve spent so much of the previous year or so inside. Regardless, it was real live baseball in front of my real live (Detroit-Tigers-fabric-masked) face, and it was the one game of the series that the Tigers actually won, so I was willing to call it an entirely positive experience.

Fenway before the Tigers took the field. Beautiful night. Cold rain. Ideal baseball conditions.

Anyway. How are you cats doing? Hopefully more on the Spencer-Turnbull-no-hitter side of things than the sub-.500-Tigers-record side of things. Let us all aim to be on the Spencer Turnbull no-hitter side of things in the near future and beyond.

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