A deep dive into each team’s updated Top 30 Prospects list

Detroit Tigers

Below is a snapshot of each organization. For each team, we list its total of Top 100 Prospects and Prospect Points (100 for the No. 1 prospect, 99 for No. 2 and so on through one for No. 100), a quick — if imprecise — measure of its blue-chip talent.

Blue Jays
Top 100
: 2 | Prospect Points: 75 (24th)
This was expected to be the year of the left-hander in the Toronto system, but both Ricky Tiedemann and 2022 first-rounder Brandon Barriera have been limited by injuries. Instead, some of the bats have stepped forward, including infielders Orelvis Martinez, who got hot in a return to Double-A, and Leo Jimenez, who is back looking like a potentially above-average hitter. Davis Schneider’s arrival in the Majors is the latest success story in the Jays’ ability to develop position-player depth. More »

1. Ricky Tiedemann, LHP (MLB No. 33)
2. Orelvis Martinez, SS/3B (MLB No. 93)
3. Arjun Nimmala, SS
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Top 100: 6 | Prospect Points: 433 (1st)
The rebuild may be over with the Orioles sitting in first place in the AL East, but they still boast one of the best farm systems in the game. Their overall Top 30 may have thinned a little with graduations and the talent it took to acquire Jack Flaherty, but they still are tied for the most Top 100 guys with six and top all systems in prospect points. More »

1. Jackson Holliday, SS (MLB No. 1)
2. Colton Cowser, OF (MLB No. 14)
3. Heston Kjerstad, OF (MLB No. 25)
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Top 100
: 3 | Prospect Points: 242 (6th)
Junior Caminero has been one of the breakout stars of the Minor Leagues in 2023, reaching Double-A at just 19 years old and performing well at the advanced circuit. He’s now the top prospect in the system with other infielders Carson Williams and Curtis Mead falling in line behind him in the Top 100. In fact, it’s on the dirt where the Rays are deepest with first baseman Xavier Isaac sitting at No. 4 and 2023 Draft picks Brayden Taylor and Adrian Santana entering the fold. Arms, usually a Tampa Bay specialty, are at a current low. More »

1. Junior Caminero, 3B/SS (MLB No. 6)
2. Carson Williams, SS (MLB No. 19)
3. Curtis Mead, 3B/2B (MLB No. 36)
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Red Sox
Top 100
: 4 | Prospect Points: 190 (14th)
The Red Sox may have the most imbalanced system in the game, heavy on hitters and light on pitchers. Their eight best prospects are all position players, including Top 100 talent in Marcelo Mayer, Roman Anthony, Ceddanne Rafaela and Kyle Teel, with former Top 100 guys Miguel Bleis and Nick Yorke right behind them. Boston’s international scouting department is doing its best to pick up the slack by finding arms such as Wikelman Gonzalez and Luis Perales.

1. Marcelo Mayer, SS (MLB No. 11)
2. Roman Anthony, OF (MLB No. 37)
3. Ceddanne Rafaela, OF/SS (MLB No. 77)
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Top 100
: 3 | Prospect Points: 63 (26th)
With Anthony Volpe and Oswald Peraza graduating to New York this season, the system is headlined by three Top 100 prospect outfielders in Spencer Jones, Jasson Domínguez and Everson Pereira. While the position players command the spotlight, the Yankees excel at targeting later-round pitchers they can upgrade, such as current standouts Chase Hampton, Will Warren and Richard Fitts.

1. Spencer Jones, OF (MLB No. 78)
2. Jasson Domínguez, OF (MLB No. 79)
3. Everson Pereira, OF (MLB No. 80)
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Top 100
: 4 | Prospect Points: 112 (22nd)
After sending a slew of rookies to the big leagues in 2022, the Guardians did it again this year, graduating preseason Top 100 prospects Gavin Williams, Bo Naylor and Tanner Bibee, as well as Logan Allen, Gabriel Arias and Will Brennan. Current top prospect Brayan Rocchio is in Cleveland as well, so the organization looked to replenish its system in July by trading for first baseman Kyle Manzardo and drafting catcher Ralphy Velazquez and left-hander Alex Clemmey, a pair of high-ceiling high schoolers. More »

1. Brayan Rocchio, SS/2B (MLB No. 51)
2. Kyle Manzardo, 1B (MLB No. 62)
3. Daniel Espino, RHP (MLB No. 85)
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Top 100:
0 | Prospect Points: 0 (T-29th)
Kansas City may have saved space in its bonus pool by taking Blake Mitchell eighth overall, but the 19-year-old has a chance to impact the game on both sides with lots of hard contact and a cannon arm. He’s as close as the system comes to a Top 100 prospect now that 2022 first-rounder Gavin Cross has dropped out due to issues with contact in his first full season. In better news, a new pitching regime has helped arms like Ben Kudrna, Chandler Champlain and Mason Barnett take positive steps forward, but with Alec Marsh set to graduate soon, it’s going to take some patience before the system brings a high-quality arm to the Major League rotation. More »

Top 100
: 4 | Prospect Points: 232 (7th)
Third overall pick Max Clark instantly became the Tigers’ best prospect since Riley Greene graduated, and he has a considerable ceiling with a plus hit tool and plus-plus speed. While he’ll start out at the lower levels, the Detroit system is actually pretty well-layered from top to bottom with strong hitters like Colt Keith and Justyn-Henry Malloy closing in from Triple-A and a solid core of arms led by Ty Madden and Wilmer Flores at Double-A. Even Jackson Jobe, who missed time earlier in 2023 with a back issue, has returned to look like his stellar self with mid-90s mph heat and top-of-the-scale spin rates on his breaking pitches. More »

1. Max Clark, OF (MLB No. 15)
2. Colt Keith, 3B/2B (MLB No. 26)
3. Jackson Jobe, RHP (MLB No. 58)
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Top 100: 3 | Prospect Points: 216 (11th)
Not having Royce Lewis at or near the top of this list feels weird, but there’s an exciting debate about who belongs in that first spot between the past two first-round picks in Brooks Lee, who’s already in Triple-A, and Walker Jenkins, the No. 5 pick in the most recent Draft. The Twins didn’t trade away any prospects at the Deadline, so there’s still some depth here. More »

1. Walker Jenkins, OF (MLB No. 16)
2. Brooks Lee, SS (MLB No. 18)
3. Emmanuel Rodriguez, OF (MLB No. 52)
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White Sox
Top 100
: 3 | Prospect Points: 133 (20th)
The big league club took a step backward this year, but the White Sox offered hope for the future by adding more prospect talent in July than perhaps any organization. First they landed shortstop Jacob Gonzalez, right-handers Grant Taylor and Seth Keener and outfielder George Wolkow in the the Draft. Then they dealt veterans to add several prospects, highlighted by catcher Edgar Quero, left-hander Jake Eder and righty Nick Nastrini. In other good news, incumbents Colson Montgomery and Noah Schultz are developing into two of the higher-ceiling prospects anywhere in the Minors. More »

1. Colson Montgomery, SS (MLB No. 17)
2. Noah Schultz, LHP (MLB No. 65)
3. Edgar Quero, C (MLB No. 86)
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Top 100: 1 | Prospect Points: 70 (25th)
Logan O’Hoppe remains the lone Top 100 guy here, and we’re excited to get him healthy and back in the big leagues. The Angels have gotten good at drafting players and getting them to the big leagues quickly (like 2022 first-rounder Zach Neto). This year’s top pick, Nolan Schanuel, is already in Double-A, so it looks like he’s heading in the same direction. More »

Top 100
: 0 | Prospect Points: 0 (T-29th)
The Astros almost never have a highly rated farm system, and they just traded their two best prospects to the Mets to get Justin Verlander, leaving them shut out on the Top 100. Yet they keep winning big, keep developing big leaguers and have three 2023 Rookie of the Year candidates in Hunter Brown, Yainer Diaz and the unheralded J.P. France. The depth of their system is outfielders (led by Jacob Melton and Luis Baez) and underrated arms (starting with Spencer Arrighetti). More »

Top 100: 3 | Prospect Points: 78 (23rd)
Oakland has been a land of opportunity this year as they look to the youth, continually bringing guys up to the big leagues. Two of the top three prospects are up now, with others — like Lawrence Butler — recently joining them. There might not be that many elite-level guys on the list currently, but a lot of them will get big league time. More »

1. Tyler Soderstrom, C/1B (MLB No. 48)
2. Jacob Wilson, SS (No. 81)
3. Zack Gelof, 2B (MLB No. 94)
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Top 100: 3 | Prospect Points: 152 (17th)
It was interesting to see the Mariners not trading away prospect talent this year (as they did in 2022) amidst a playoff run, all while they play very well at the big league level. Cole Young, a 2022 first-round pick, is the new No. 1 guy. He’s backed up by 2021 first-rounder Harry Ford and a very strong 2023 Draft class, which gives the Mariners some serious depth in their system. More »

1. Cole Young, SS/2B (MLB No. 39)
2. Harry Ford, C (MLB No. 41)
3. Gabriel Gonzalez, OF (MLB No. 70)
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Top 100
: 4 | Prospect Points: 218 (10th)
The Rangers are enjoying a fantastic 2023 and their future will look even better once outfielders Evan Carter and Wyatt Langford (the No. 4 overall pick in the 2023 Draft) arrive in Texas, potentially soon. Other high-ceiling position players such as shortstop Sebastian Walcott and outfielder Anthony Gutierrez are on a longer timetable. The key to the Rangers becoming constant contenders will be getting right-handers Brock Porter, Jack Leiter, Owen White and Kumar Rocker to reach their ceilings. More »

1. Evan Carter, OF (MLB No. 8)
2. Wyatt Langford, OF (MLB No. 13)
3. Sebastian Walcott, SS (MLB No. 66)
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Top 100: 1 | Prospect Points: 43 (27th)
The Braves’ system has been thinned the last few years as they’ve continued to win at the big league level. Somehow they manage to find guys to contribute in Atlanta — even if AJ Smith-Shawver hasn’t had the impact that Michael Harris II and Spencer Strider had when they first came up — and they find prospects that have value to use in trades to help continue the good times in the NL East. More »

Top 100
: 1 | Prospect Points: 41 (28th)
The Marlins went all-in on a NL Wild Card berth at the Trade Deadline, parting with left-hander Jake Eder and middle-infielder Marco Vargas to get Jake Burger and David Robertson, respectively. Much more successful at developing pitchers than hitters, they added the two best high school arms in the 2023 Draft by spending $8.6 million on Noble Meyer and Thomas White. More »

Top 100
: 5 | Prospect Points: 135 (19th)
New York famously played the role of seller at the Trade Deadline, and from a prospect standpoint, it added ceiling to the top of the system in Double-A talents Luisangel Acuña and Drew Gilbert, both of whom could play roles in Queens as early as next year. Rookie-level Marco Vargas, acquired in the David Robertson deal, also adds arguably the best hit tool in his new system, and top Draft pick Colin Houck was a nice get at 32nd overall. While returnees Jett Williams and Mike Vasil have taken nice steps forward, the new guys are the ones that grab the most attention for the Mets. More »

1. Luisangel Acuña, SS/2B (MLB No. 40)
2. Drew Gilbert, OF (MLB No. 56)
3. Jett Williams, SS/OF (MLB No. 83)
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Top 100
: 3 | Prospect Points: 249 (5th)
Looking for a system loaded with outfielders? Stop right here. Six of Washington’s top nine prospects roam the grass. That loaded depth chart didn’t stop the Nats from taking Dylan Crews second overall, nor should it have considering the LSU star is a plus-plus hitter who could be the capital’s next big star. There’s a legit claim for James Wood to be the organization’s top prospect too, given his younger age and longer record of pro success. There may be only three Top 100 prospects here, but the system on the whole has plenty of loud tools and potentially high ceilings. The success of the rebuild will depend on turning the raw talents into legit Major Leaguers in the short and long-terms. More »

Top 100: 4 | Prospect Points: 146 (18th)
Andrew Painter’s Tommy John surgery shut down what looked like a very fast ride to Philadelphia, but he’ll be back and should be one of the best pitching prospects in baseball again once healthy. Getting Aidan Miller late in the first round might be one of the steals of the 2023 Draft, and there are some very interesting guys at the lower levels of this system worth keeping an eye on. More »

1. Andrew Painter, RHP (MLB No. 29)
2. Mick Abel, RHP (MLB No. 49)
3. Justin Crawford, OF (MLB No. 82)
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Top 100
: 5 | Prospect Points: 353 (2nd)
For the first time in six years, the Brewers boast five Top 100 prospects, and moving beyond that timeframe, this might be the best collection of Minor League talent Milwaukee has had in recent memory. Brewers fans are already seeing the fruits of that with Sal Frelick’s arrival in the Majors, and the other four (Jackson Chourio, Jeferson Quero, Jacob Misiorowski, Tyler Black) could all be MLB options by next year. While it may seem like Milwaukee’s talent is concentrated on the top levels, the organization also had one of the deepest Draft classes of 2023, including snagging No. 45 Draft prospect Cooper Pratt in the sixth round. More »

1. Jackson Chourio, OF (MLB No. 2)
2. Sal Frelick, OF (MLB No. 22)
3. Jeferson Quero, C (MLB No. 34)
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Top 100
: 2 | Prospect Points: 125 (21st)
The top two talents remain the same in Masyn Winn and Tink Hence, but the Cards built out some of their depth with Deadline deals, picking up Top 10 prospects Tekoah Roby, Sem Robberse and Thomas Saggese, among others. Keep an eye on the outfield group too, with Chase Davis joining the organization through the first round, and Victor Scott II and Won-Bin Cho surging up the ranks in the recent update.

Top 100
: 5 | Prospect Points: 225 (9th)
Four of the five best prospects in the Cubs’ suddenly deep farm system arrived via trades: outfielders Pete Crow-Armstrong, Owen Caissie and Kevin Alcántara, plus right-hander Ben Brown. Chicago has signed plenty of talent as well, from drafting right-hander Cade Horton, shortstop Matt Shaw, left-hander Jackson Ferris and second baseman James Triantos, to landing catcher/first baseman Moises Ballesteros and shortstop Jefferson Rojas on the international market.

1. Pete Crow-Armstrong, OF (MLB No. 12)
2. Cade Horton, RHP (MLB No. 30)
3. Owen Caissie, OF (MLB No. 68)
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Top 100: 6 | Prospect Points: 274 (3rd)
Any time you pick No. 1 overall, it’s going to help your system. But getting the best Draft pitching prospect since Stephen Strasburg really provides a boost. Guys have been getting opportunities in the big leagues, but Pittsburgh still has six top 100 guys at present and the emergence of some pitching (looking at you, Anthony Solometo and Jared Jones) aids in the ability for the Pirates to boast one of the better systems in the game. More »

1. Paul Skenes, RHP (MLB No. 3)
2. Termarr Johnson, 2B (MLB No. 23)
3. Endy Rodríguez, C/1B (MLB No. 42)
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Top 100: 5 | Prospect Points: 228 (8th)
Whatever happens over the season’s final weeks, there is no question that the Reds are ahead of schedule in competing for a playoff spot, sort of like the Orioles a year ago. Even with the graduation of some serious talent (Elly De La Cruz, Matt McLain, Andrew Abbott), this list is strong at the top and really deep, strengthened by a fantastic 2023 Draft class headlined by first-rounder Rhett Lowder. More »

1. Noelvi Marte, 3B/SS (MLB No. 24)
2. Rhett Lowder, RHP (MLB No. 44)
3. Edwin Arroyo, SS (MLB No. 61)
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Top 100
: 3 | Prospect Points: 207 (12th)
Corbin Carroll graduated from the system this spring and has become an outright star, leading some to wonder this simple D-backs question — who’s next? It could be Jordan Lawlar as a potential five-tool shortstop. Arizona is deeper than its Top 100 contingent alone would indicate and has a nice mix of arms (Yu-Min Lin, Slade Cecconi) and bats (Tommy Troy, Deyvison De Los Santos, Gino Groover) beyond the big names, and there could be a few Top 100 types in the months and years ahead. (Note: Brandon Pfaadt has graduated from prospect status since the updated list came out.) More »

1. Jordan Lawlar, SS (MLB No. 10)
2. Druw Jones, OF (MLB No. 35)
3. Brandon Pfaadt, RHP (MLB No. 51)
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Top 100
: 5 | Prospect Points: 196 (13th)
The Dodgers continue to combine winning and developing prospects better than anyone, graduating Bobby Miller, Miguel Vargas, James Outman and Emmet Sheehan to Los Angeles this season and still maintaining a deep system. Their top three prospects currently are hitters (Dalton Rushing, Michael Busch, Diego Cartaya) but they have a wave of pitching in the upper levels (led by Nick Frasso, Gavin Stone and River Ryan) as well. More »

1. Dalton Rushing, C/1B (MLB No. 46)
2. Michael Busch, 3B/2B (MLB No. 47)
3. Diego Cartaya, C (MLB No. 60)
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Top 100
: 3 | Prospect Points: 180 (15th)
A number of position prospects have arrived in San Francisco earlier than expected this year — Marco Luciano, Luis Matos, Casey Schmitt, Patrick Bailey — with all but Luciano already graduating off the Top 30 list. Besides him, the nucleus of the system is now two of the game’s best lefty pitching prospects (Kyle Harrison, Carson Whisenhunt) and two talented prepsters from the 2023 Draft (two-way star Bryce Eldridge, shortstop Walker Martin). More »

1. Kyle Harrison, LHP (MLB No. 20)
2. Marco Luciano, SS (MLB No. 27)
3. Carson Whisenhunt, LHP (MLB No. 75)
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Top 100
: 4 | Prospect Points: 257 (4th)
Last August, this system felt decimated by the Juan Soto trade. What a difference a year makes. The Padres have since signed catching phenom Ethan Salas, who has already climbed to High-A at just 17 years old. Shortstop Jackson Merrill has also hit his way to Double-A with an impressive contact rate, and 2022 39th overall pick Robby Snelling looks like one of the game’s best southpaw prospects. It’s still not the deepest system in the game, but breakouts by Jairo Iriarte, Brandon Valenzuela, Graham Pauley and others have kept the excitement coming on the way to San Diego.

1. Ethan Salas, C (MLB No. 5)
2. Jackson Merrill, SS (MLB No. 9)
3. Robby Snelling, LHP (MLB No. 64)
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Top 100: 5 | Prospect Points: 177 (16th)
Getting Chase Dollander in the first round helps considerably as some of the arms in the system have been sidelined by injury. The top of the list is a reflection of the Rockies’ ability to add talent via the Draft (Dollander, Jordan Beck, Zac Veen) and on the international market (Adael Amador and Yanquiel Fernandez). More »

1. Adael Amador, SS/2B (MLB No. 21)
2. Yanquiel Fernandez, OF (MLB No. 53)
3. Chase Dollander, RHP (MLB No. 63)
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