Friday Open Thread: If you could add one new baseball rule…

Bless You Boys

Baseball is a funny game, because people love to talk about it as if it’s being played the same way today as it was 100 years ago, but in actuality if you were to drop Ty Cobb into the fray at Comerica Park today there are plenty of things that would baffle him about the modern game. Everything from pace of play, to rules of sportsmanship, to the equipment being used has evolved over time to create the distinct game we know and love.

Sometimes, new rule changes feel befuddling (we’re really going to just signal for an intentional walk?) and other times they actually turn out to be good, despite our concerns (call me a pitch clock convert). So in our open thread this week, you get to play commissioner and make one rule change to improve MLB.

The rule can be whatever you want, but you have to have a valid reason for it and how you believe it would improve baseball. So let your imaginations run wild.

If you want to propose something very involved, why not head over to the FanPost section and go long form?

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