Friday Open Thread: Pick your favorite player of the season

Bless You Boys

Before we start the season, we’ll have another open thread where you can make your bold predictions for how the Tigers will play in 2024, but for today, with spring training games underway and the roster pretty much set, we thought we’d try a different kind of prediction.

Considering we’ve barely seen (or even heard) much of the Tigers’ pre-season so far, it should be impossible to pick a stand-out player as our favorite of the coming season. But that’s precisely what we want you to do in today’s open thread.

Given the very limited information currently available (and whatever we already know about how these guys play) let’s pick our personal choices for favorite player of 2024. Will it be one of the new guys? A prospect? Someone who had a splashy season last year, or perhaps a player poised for a comeback.

Let us know whose jersey you’re thinking of picking up, and who you’re most excited to see perform in the upcoming season and why.

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